Thursday, July 16, 2015

Missing cool weather of Genting Highlands

How's everyone doing? Anyone going to Genting Highlands? I must say that the route to Genting Highlands is so much better now then before.

Many years back my parents like going to Genting Highlands with my siblings and me. It's our favourite destination for getaway. It was so long ago, back in year 1990s.

Today First World Hotel has XYZ rooms you can find in Tower 2 Annex, have you read about it? If not you can click on the link to find out.

My last visit with my parents I recall it was with my dear as well. My dad and him a room, my mom and me another room in Theme Park Hotel. Back then we were still dating, my dad's car a second hand car Vitara. Yeah! He still using until today, though my dad says the car is getting slower on the road but he enjoy driving it.

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